Sarah Whatmore And Abs On Secret Dates

The Sunday People reports Pop Idol star has been enjoying secret dates with former star in Los Angeles. Abs hooked up with her while he was filming a video for his latest release ‘Miss Perfect’ and she was there finishing off her debut album with BMG. Abs says, “She’s a real good kisser.”

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Whatmore And Abs On Secret Dates

  1. ok says:

    LOL @ “secret dates” nobody cares about them separate so why would anyone care if they are together!

  2. nick_carters_girl says:

    ok look..its not that I actually care or anything..just I USED to love 5ive..and abs was my fave 5ive dude.. lol isn’t abs engaged to that girl on TV in the uk..its like some soap opera show or something?..they were supposed to get married..and I haven’t heard anything bout them breaking I doubt this is, Sarah Whatmore….isn’t she that girl who sings like Minnie Mouse?..ewwww

  3. BeccaUK says:

    I don’t know who the girl you’re talking about is, and no Sarah Whatmore doesn’t sing like Minnie Mouse.

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