Sarah Whatmore Stunned By Simon’s Marriage Proposal

The Sun spoke with Pop Idol hottie who was most known for turning down an offer of marriage by judge Simon Cowell. What did Sarah think of Simon’s proposal? “I was stunned and quite embarrassed when he asked me to marry him,” she said. “I know he was only joking but everyone remembers me now as the girl Simon Cowell proposed to on live TV. He was supposed to be a tough nut to crack – but I obviously got to him.”

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8 thoughts on “Sarah Whatmore Stunned By Simon’s Marriage Proposal

  1. MERSEYWORLD says:

    Liverpool’s popular Winning Singer Amanda-Ann Browne 21, got onto the stage at the Manchester X Factor auditions, not to sing but to ask for Simon Cowell’s hand in marriage.

  2. Helen Robertson says:

    Amanda beware
    “he has No feelings…. his deadly comments can destroy nice people, you’re to sweet for MR NASTY”.

  3. Pauline R. Birkenhead says:

    Amanda your still a baby at 21 years old.
    Don’t go there, Cowell is too old and a bad guy.

  4. This is your life says:

    Amanda B has the X factor

  5. D Forster L'pool says:

    Is Liverpudlian Amanda-Ann Browne on youtube, id like to see the proposal

  6. Mayer Anfield, Liverpool says:

    Where is Amanda-Ann Browne?

  7. Dan Carney says:

    They could get married next year

  8. Mel Hammond says:

    Amanda-Ann Browne is out of the UK……. she is singing in PERTH, AUSTRALIA

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