Sauna Talk With Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz wears a hat while talking about 'Freedom Song' checked in with fans on his Freshness Factor Five Thousand blog on Tuesday (December 7), talking about items he doesn’t want from Santa Claus for Christmas, including a portable sauna, leading him into a discussion on sweat therapy. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Whenever I’m in a Sauna, I like to say, “It’s like a sauna in here.” even when I’m by myself.

I once shared a Sauna with Ingrid Michaelson when we were on tour together in Sweden. The Swedish love Saunas. I don’t recall the Sauna ever getting hot and we ended up just sitting there in the wooden box talking about how boring it was.

Tonight I had a Sauna all to myself during a spontaneous spa visit. I decided to reward my body after sitting behind the wheel for 2000 miles. The privacy of the solo-sauna gave me an opportunity to sing and chant until I got dry mouth and shortness of breath. Apparently you lose a pint of water for every 20 minutes you spend in the heat.

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