Savvy & Mandy Make Christmas Cookies

Savvy & Mandy make Christmas cookiesThe holidays are here and that usually means time for a lot of baking! Especially Christmas cookies! Savvy & Mandy went in the kitchen to bake pre made sugar cookies, icing them afterward, while dressed in holiday outfits and singing. Santa came down to taste test their creations.

“Today, we are going to be making cookies,” Savvy said. “Alright, let’s start off the cookie making by opening the pre-made cookies so we don’t mess up this time… So our goal here is trying to get it perfect this time and making them good for Santa.”

After putting the cookies in the oven, Savvy said, “We are now gonna make icing for the cookies. We have your blue, we have your pink, we have your green.”

Closing up the video, Mandy said, “Thank you for cooking with Savvy, and Mandy.. Oh yeah!”

Watch footage via YouTube below.

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