Savvy & Mandy Shout Outs, Fan Question Responses & Update

Savvy & Mandy on their favorite member of the Jonas Brothers, favorite Aly & AJ song and more in their latest video updateSavvy & Mandy checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, answering fan questions and giving some shout outs.

The sibling pop duo talked about their favorite Jonas Brother, their favorite Aly & AJ song, how long they’ve been singing, loving to shop at Urban Outfitters, how they’re both single, and how they have a brother and sister. They then gave an update on their tour and plans to do a photoshoot.

Watch it below the fold.

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2 thoughts on “Savvy & Mandy Shout Outs, Fan Question Responses & Update

  1. Mariel says:

    Hey Savvy and Mandy! Mariel from Illinois AKA SavvyandMandyRox101 on We’re doing a project in music class and we have to pick our favorite artists. I picked you girls cause you are awesome! I love your music and everything! Keep on rocking!

  2. Abby says:

    hey guys I am such a big fan I can sing and write songs too please email me

    your fan Abby

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