Scandals Begin Running Together

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “There are so many scandals now they’re all starting to run together. Last night I fell asleep watching the news and I had a nightmare where I dreamed a Georgia bride ran away to the Neverland Ranch so she could secretly meet Paula Abdul and have a three way with Pat O’Brien. … President Bush said today that he will appoint nine new federal judges and possibly one new ‘American Idol’ judge. … Have you heard the latest? Another scandal at ‘American Idol’. Apparently Simon was caught having an affair with himself. … If you’ve been following that ‘American Idol’ scandal, you know that , that little sleazeball, said Paula Abdul who was 18 years his senior, gave him money, bought him clothes, and had sex with him. To which Cher said, ‘Yeah so?'”

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