Scans Of Christina Aguilera In Blender

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has gone “balls out” for her newest Blender Magazine issue. Christina even goes to the length of criticizing artists such as Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles and for not being “true and honest artists” and “fake!” Last year Christina sold a whopping 143 million copies of her Blender issue, the biggest sell in the history of Blender.

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10 thoughts on “Scans Of Christina Aguilera In Blender

  1. Britney_rocks says:

    That’s funny Christina copied Britney’s angel vs. devil hahahahaha Christina is so unoriginal and the fake one. she’s so hypocritical she’s only saying this things so she can get attention because she knows her time is up and that stripped didn’t sell well at all. how many around the world 7 million Britney’s CD “Britney” sold 14 million worldwide!

    Man they should’ve airbrushed her fat belly

  2. rachel says:

    Damn she blasts Britney and Beyonce. Yes they are very fake but Christina was fake until a year ago. Christina honey, Britney is a slow learner, it will take a while for her to have the balls to act real instead of some plastic doll with t*ts. Beyonce on the other hand should stop her holier than that attitude because her Baby boy video was as bad as Christina and Britney’s video. Beyonce’s music is hot though, rock on B and C.

  3. XtinaFan says:

    How cute. I’ll bet anything that when the actual interview gets posted, the supposed “blasting Britney and Beyonce” will not be blasting them at all. She probably was just talking about “fake artists”, not mentioning any names, and of course, the idiot interview assumes she’s talking about so-and-so. Taken out of context, for sure. Or, the quotes were twisted. That happens all the time. Because seriously, if Christina did say that, she must be fake too, because she DID perform with Britney at the VMAs. So, hypocritical much? But I doubt she said that. And, you know, Christina would never say that because she wants to f**k Britney. Come on Christina, admit it. Even though her subtle hints (the “I F**ked Britney” pin and her kissing Britney at a club) are pretty much admitting it.

  4. jujusdevilchild says:

    I’m actually a fan a fan of BOTH Brit & Christina. I’m just gonna inform you that the figure of 14 million came from Britney’s pr team to make her look better. ‘Britney’ actually sold 10 million overall (4 million in the USA, 2 million in Europe, 4 million overall in Asia & elsewhere) Not much difference & ‘Stripped’ is still selling well worldwide.

  5. XtinaFan says:

    If you were, you wouldn’t make her look bad while defending that piece of crap Justin Timberlake. And you wouldn’t constantly diss her. I’ve never seen you say anything good about her. A fan doesn’t insult.

  6. brunettetruth says:

    That girl is so gorgeous, she defines a woman, and what I like about Christina is that she is a woman, not fake, but a woman with curves, also I respect the fact that she doesn’t allow them to airbrush her because she wants people to see her. Love her, hate her, she’s real and she’s a very pretty girl, Christina looks even better without make up too how many celebrities can you say that about…definitely not Britney, I think if I saw Britney in person she’d look nothing like what you’d expect cause she even admits how much they airbrush her, also no offense to her but she’s not as pretty without all the makeup and hair extensions. I think out of all the girl entertainers Christina should be woman of the year, because this year was her year, she got to be her and she got to put her talent out there. Even if you don’t like it, it’s her, not something she’s paid to be.

  7. jujusdevilchild says:

    I have not actually dissed Britney’s music, I am not a fan of her as a person as I don’t know her. I am objective in my opinion. Yes it is possible to like all three (Brit, Christina & Justin) and still be sane & to give a sane opinion. A true fan knows when something she does can be considered bad, a true fan knows how to be objective & does not simply bow at her feet & believe everything she says. I like her music, not necessarily her image or means of promotion. You to me, are clearly not sane and do not yet have a grasp of objectivity and the policy of not having bias. So your opinion to me is not worth the screen it is typed on.

  8. mikemc says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Christina needs to get off her high horse!!!! She is a great artist, but she has NO right to be criticizing others like Britney and Beyonce, they have said nothing but nice and respectful things about her. And you Christina fans wanna know why all these pop females don’t like Christina, she just keeps talking sh** about everyone. She really needs to stop, she is great, but is FAR from the best, and shouldn’t be criticizing others as being fake when in reality she doesn’t know them or the lives they lead.

  9. XtinaFan says:

    I’m biased? You really have no room to talk, because since you obviously do like Justin better than Britney, all your opinions on their relationship and them as performers are biased. All in favor of Justin. A true fan knows when something she does can be considered bad, a true fan knows how to be objective & does not simply bow at her feet & believe everything she says. I like her music, not necessarily her image or means of promotion. Sure, and when have I bowed at her feet? Never. I know when she’s wrong, but as a TRUE fan, I’ll keep it to myself. Because if I say my opinion, that’ll give haters more fuel because they’ll see it from another perspective too. They’ll have more sh*t to say about her if they know more stuff about her. I don’t say anything negative about her here, because there’s too many haters. She needs more support, not more criticism. A TRUE FAN doesn’t give haters fuel. A TRUE FAN is supportive of her, no matter what she does (and that doesn’t mean kissing her a*s, but supportive). A TRUE FAN is not you.

  10. Lava33 says:

    I like Christina, but she really needs to shut the F**k up about Britney and Beyonce. When Christina first came out in 1999, she was fake as Sh**, even she admitted that. Why doesn’t she show that she has some class for once and stop insulting other pop stars? This is really pathetic Christina.

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