Scientist Says Jennifer Lopez’s Butt The Work Of Aliens

IRN reports eccentric American UFO scientist Dr Henrick Shenkle is claiming that the famous behind of pop singer was the creation of aliens. Shenkle says aliens abducted the singer and inserted implants into her shapely bum, while erasing the procedure from Jennifer’s memory. The ‘Doctor’ has been studying the roundness of the singer’s backside for two and a half years.

J.Lo & Ja Rule Video Premieres Tuesday

January 19, 2002 – and Ja Rule recently recorded a remix of “Ain’t It Funny” to follow their hit remix of “I’m Real.” They also made a video for it that will debut on MTV’s “TRL” on Tuesday, January 22, and on on BET on January 23 at 6PM.

Wants To Follow Whitney’s Lead

January 18, 2002 – IMDB reports Jennifer Lopez has admitted to wanting to star in a ‘Bodyguard’ type role that fellow diva Whitney Houston played. J.Lo said, “I’d like to do a film with the impact of Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard or Bette Midler in The Rose. Making ‘Selena’ was an incredible experience for me, but I’d love to do a film which has me singing the music. It has to be the right role, maybe something that would surprise people and wouldn’t look like I’m just playing myself in the that role. I just want to keep growing as an artist.”

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