Scoop On *NSYNC, X-Tina & Britney In Miami

Lesley Abravanel of the Miami Herald has several stories on the local movements of Justin Timberlake and his bandmates — and his new galpal Cameron Diaz — and his penny-pinching ex-girlfriend Britney Spears, as well as a “shockingly rather ladylike” Christina Aguilera.

Not So Close Anymore

July 25, 2003 – Contributed by elgato: The fan who runs the JC Chasez fan site attended the Challenge for the Children event and noticed how out of sync the group is nowadays. She says, “I am back at work this afternoon and feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I don’t think I was made for 4 days of constantly being on the go. It’s nice to just chill now. Had a great time this weekend regardless of JC’s antics on Saturday [She’s referring to how he reportedly ditched the events after only 15 minutes to go back to his hotel]. I guess you can’t expect the guys to be quite so close after being apart for a year. The chemistry has certainly diminished.”

Paris Hilton Hopes *NSYNC Crush Can Keep Her Straight

July 24, 2003 – Star magazine reports that Paris Hilton invited *NSYNC star Lance Bass to The Palms in Las Vegas for a weekend after meeting him at a club a few weeks ago. Hilton told pals that she had a crush on Lance and thinks he can help her clean up her act. Apparently it’s working, because when the couple went to the Ghost Bar at the Palm, Paris didn’t overindulge, refraining from table dancing or flashing her underwear.

*NSYNC’s Miami Challenge

July 22, 2003 – Recently Access Hollywood’s Pat O’Brien was with Justin Timberlake in Miami where he joined his *NSYNC buds for their annual charity event. Lance Bass said “rumor is true” when asked if HE was dating Cameron Diaz.

*NSYNC To Be Songwriting Award Judges

July 9, 2003 – Contributed by jcsfan88: The International Songwriting Competition has added a special category this year, the Teen Category, for 18 year olds or younger. Industry professionals will judge this category including guest judges: *NSYNC and Vanessa Carlton. The winner for Best Song in the Teen category will receive a full scholarship to the 2004 5-week Summer Performance at Berklee College of Boston, MA, along with a bunch of other prizes.

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