Scream Aguilera Scream

Contributed by MusicHomme:

When you have a mind like Einstein, you better invent. when you have a heart like Mother Teresa, you better help. When you have a voice like Christina Aguilera, you better use it. Right? YES, of course, but in Aguilera’s case, she’s screaming alright.

Mind you, Aguilera fans, the whole world has done her wrong. Music industry is sexist, Mickey Mouse Club is not edgy and worst of all, nobody is ever correct without the great Aguilera’s nod. This week, hot on the menu, is Eminem. Stop yawning, please… I know.. last week, it was Vin Diesel [admin: see previous article], and further down the line were Spears, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Beyonce Knowles… and the list goes on.

For someone who is so great on “positive” messages and female empowerment in her songs like can’t hold us down, voice within , and blah blah blah … Aguilera is in fact, just another lost little girl -big on ideas, small on wisdom, BUT … BUT .. this is for you fans of her… she has a big voice, but for the time, she is screaming and screaming.. zzzzzzzzz.. while the whole world sleeps..

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