Seat Filler Meets Nick Carter At Latin VMAs

A fan on the message boards got to sit next to Backstreet Boys star as a seat filler during last night’s MTV Latin Video Music Awards in Miami. Sparklysuperstar writes, “I got to sit next to Nick! So when I sat down he said ‘hi’ and I said ‘hi’. Then he stuck his hand out and I shook his hand! Then he asked me what my name was and put his ear there for me to tell him (ah!) and I was like ‘Yoska’ and he repeated it. He’s so freaking cute my goodness! But then, an MTV person came and asked him if he was ready to [get] up already and he said yeah so turns to me and says ‘Sorry, I have to go’ and I think I nodded lol I don’t remember, but then, he leans in and KISSES MY CHEEK! Ahh I could NOT believe it! He’s so sweet! I still can’t believe it actually happened you guys! I’m sooo happy!”

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