Secret To Jessica Simpson’s Sexy Transformation? Confidence

Jessica Simpson in a leather coat

Us Weekly spoke with Jessica Simpson’s hairstylist Ken Paves about the singer’s sexy makeover. “The most beautiful thing a woman can be is confident, and Jessica is definitely confident now,” Paves said. “Her confidence has skyrocketed. I have never seen a girl, next to Madonna, with such confidence.” Paves added, “Her last album was called ‘In This Skin’, but she has never been as in her own skin as she is now.”

Jessica Simpson: My Body Was Made For Sex

May 28, 2005 – spoke with News of the World of her love for sex after saving herself until marrying Nick Lachey. “I have fantastic sex,” she purred. “My body was made for sin. But I’m not domesticated. I’ve never used an iron or a washing machine and I can’t dust, cook or Hoover.”

Denies Divorce Rumor

May 26, 2005 – Contributed Anonymously:

This past Tuesday, denied the rumor that she filed a divorce from Nick Lachey. The E! channel website posted the rumor and then apologized to Jess. Jessica said if they did not remove the report from the website, she and Nick would have sued.

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