Selena Gomez Behind The Scenes At Dream Out Loud Photo Shoot

Selena Gomez Dream Out Loud at Kmart

Follow Selena Gomez to Los Angeles for an exclusive photo shoot showing off the latest looks from her Dream Out Loud Collection, available exclusively at Kmart. Spring 2012 is all about trying new things and dressing for yourself.

“I like to take risks and try new things,” says Selena, who loves the line’s new flared jeans. Although she loves the looks, she wanted to make sure Dream Out Loud had something for all of her fans. She says, “I didn’t want my clothing line to be just about me; I wanted it to be about my fans.” Her advice on how to look your best this season? “Ultimately you should be dressing for you and no one else! Nothing feels more amazing than wearing what you love!”

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2 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Behind The Scenes At Dream Out Loud Photo Shoot


    just h8 her:@
    so sad 4 the scene coz they r stuck wit HER:(

  2. ava says:

    Don’t hate her she is just trying to live her life and if you don’t like her then don’t pay attention to what shes doing with her carer. She is happy with her life and she is happy with her new clothing line so even if you don’t like her respect her:) I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ

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