Selena Gomez Has UNICEF & ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Themed Twitter Chat

Selena Gomez with her hand on her face took the time to answer several fan questions posted her way at Twitter (@selenagomez) a few weeks ago focused on UNICEF, as she’s an ambassador for the children’s rights organization, and ‘Hotel Transylvania’, the computer-animated comedy film where Gomez voices the role of Dracula’s 118 year old “teenage” daughter Mavis.

Among the questions and answers:

@LoveSwiftGomez: Who was your childhood hero and who is your hero now?
Selena: My inspirations when I was a kid were and Britney Spears and of course my Mom then and now.

@CityOfSelena: What’s your favorite thing about UNICEF ?
Selena: My favorite part is being able to help children in need who need a voice to be heard.

@IrishBieberNavy: Which do you prefer, ‘Hotel Transylvania’ or ‘Spring Breakers’?
Selena: Love them both equally one is for my littles and one is for the older crowd.

@1DBieberGomez: Feeling super proud of you right now, from Wizards to having a number one movie!
Selena: Be sure to watch our reunion show, so excited for that.

@EhBitchPlease: What’s your next UNICEF project?
Selena: I just had a meeting this morning and were planning my third annual acoustic charity show in Jan. and planning a field visit.

@WeDreamSelena: how was it like working with Adam Sandler?
Selena: AMAZING… I remember watching his movies when I was younger and he is just as cool as I thought he would be.

Selena: You will never know how much you all mean to me.

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