Selena Gomez Hospitalized For Nausea & Headache, Sparking Pregnancy Speculation

After appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Thursday (June 9), TMZ reports that was sent to the hospital complaining of nausea and a severe headache. Though a cause of her illness is not known, fans of her boyfriend are already speculating on Twitter that Selena is pregnant with a baby Bieber.

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One thought on “Selena Gomez Hospitalized For Nausea & Headache, Sparking Pregnancy Speculation

  1. Emmie Bieber says:

    omg!! how could there be a baby Bieber??? well I mean its understandable because like if you have seen those pictures of them at the beach when Selena had her legs wrapped around him its kinda like you are thinking well…its just like do you know how many fans they are gonna lose when and if the baby is born??!!??? like Selena’s followers are gonna go from 5 million to like 2 million and Justin’s followers (on twitter) are gonna go from 10 million to like 7 million!!! its crazy!! I can’t believe this crap!!! what the hell!!! uuhhhgg!! :( but Also it would be kinda exciting to see the baby Bieber in public and also do you know how cute the baby would be??? like Justin is so HOT and Selena is really PRETTY so it would be like no joke the cutest babe in the world!!! ok that’s all I have to say on this matter BYE :)

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