Selena Gomez Q&A And ‘Round And Round’ Performance

appeared on MTV’s ‘The Seven’ to perform her single ‘Round And Round’ and chat with fans. During a question and answer session with the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ star, Selena talked about her favorite song on the album, wanting to tour in the U.S. soon, and wanting to collaborate with Pat Benatar and Cheryl Cole.

Asked about her favorite song off the album, Gomez said, “My favorite would be, I would have to say ‘Rock God’. ‘Rock God’ is probably my favorite. It’s so fun and one of my idols gave it to me. We haven’t learned it yet but we can’t wait to perform it live.”

On U.S. tour plans, she said, “We hope so. With the new record out, we’re trying to figure out a way we can break down the set and make a whole new set. My dream is to do a big production that I do on my show. Hopefully soon, next summer, we’ll try to do a big summer tour.”

On a dream collaboration with an artist living or dead, she said, “I would love if Pat Benatar came on stage with us and performed ‘Love is a Battlefield’, which is one of her songs that we cover on tour, and I’d love to do a song with from the UK, because she’s amazing.”

Watch it via below.

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