Selena Gomez Discusses Music Career, Maintaining Normality

Selena Gomez sits down for an interview with DJ Skee, talking about why she decided to release music and if she had regrets being in the entertainment biz from such a young age stops by the New Music Show with Dj Skee on KIIS FM in Los Angeles to talk about her single ‘Naturally’ going gold, what new artist she’s listening too, her friends Paramore releasing their album the same day she did, maintaining normality as a teen celebrity, and what new projects she’s working on.

Asked what made her decide to branch out from acting into music, she said, “Well music has always been a part of my life. I was named after the singer and then my family raised me to be more musically involved. I feel professionally it was something I always wanted to do but I kept it to the side in order to focus on the show, do some acting and focus on that for a little bit. I wanted to wait for the right time when I was ready. After a while I worked about a year on the record and felt ready to start recording and get more confidence and I’m here.”

Asked if she’s had regrets being in the entertainment industry from such a young age, Selena said, “No, no, not at all. I love what I do. I do understand that it’s kind of different than a lot of people are brought up. My mom and my family has been really good in maintaining the normality in our life, like being able to hang out with my friends and go bowling and go to the movies.”

Watch the brief interview via YouTube below.

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