Sell Not Nothing For Vanessa Carlton’s Sophomore Album

Vanessa Carlton 'Harmonium'

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News profiled some of 2004’s sales disappointments, including and Vanessa Carlton. Though her debut ‘Be Not Nobody’ went platinum in 2002, she was bitten with the sophomore slump on ‘Harmonium’, selling only 107,937 copies to date after a little more than a month in stores.

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6 thoughts on “Sell Not Nothing For Vanessa Carlton’s Sophomore Album

  1. hellahooked says:

    Damn, that’s a shame. “Harmonium” is a good album.

  2. iloveChristinaAguilera says:

    That sucks!!! That is an amazing album!

  3. popdirtisfullofidiots says:

    I’m surprised white houses didn’t do better. it was a damn catchy song. even catchier than that ordinary day one and… well, her other one.

  4. Cabati says:

    WOW. That’s bad. I haven’t heard the album but from what I’ve heard, she’s a talented girl.

  5. JuniorGirl04 says:

    I dislike Vanessa Carlton. Don’t really no why…she just doesn’t do anything for me. I think her new album didn’t go anywhere because it lacked promotion.

  6. DAWORD says:

    If she had more airplay and promotion, she would have bigger sales by now. I think her record company stopped promotion. Hopefully they won’t make that mistake on the second single. If manufactured music can sell, so can singer-songwriter stuff. All that matters is how much is put into promotion, that’s how much comes out. “San Francisco” is a song that I like on her new album.

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