Sephora Boss Says Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant

Contributed anonymously:

From a Sephora employee: “Sephora is launching a new line of products that are “lickable” and smell like various desserts. Jessica Simpson is the spokesmodel for the brand (it’s called Dessert). Well in our meeting today my boss informed us that its a good thing the photo shoot is next week because Jessica just found out she’s pregnant.”

Admin note: Keep in mind this is an anonymous unverified source. I’ve passed this along and it will be looked into soon.

Michael Jackson & Jessica Simpson Go Gold

January 8, 2004 – Contributed by ballersfantasy:

According to, Michael Jackson’s album, ‘Number Ones,’ and Jessica Simpson’s ‘In This Skin,’ have now been certified gold with 500,000 copies sold. ‘Number Ones’ has been on the charts for seven weeks and is at #39 this week jumping from #66 last week. ‘In This Skin’ has been on the charts for twenty weeks and is currently #38, jumping from #59 last week. Jessica’s current single, ‘With You,’ is #45 after four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Jessica Simpson Returns Christmas Gift

December 29, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “This is the big day for returns at the department stores. Although some people don’t get it – I heard Jessica Simpson returned a gift certificate she got.” Jay later joked, “Scientists say a new study proves men actually become less intelligent the more they look at beautiful women. Isn’t that amazing? That means in a few years, in Jessica Simpson’s marriage, she could actually turn out to be the smart one.”

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7 thoughts on “Sephora Boss Says Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant

  1. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    Gosh that’s great for them!! But I think nick will have his hands full since Jess is lazy and kinda childish. I mean, she wouldn’t even clean up some water she spilled on the floor since it smelled and she didn’t know where the mop was!

  2. EvanescenceSucks says:

    That sucks, I think Nick and Jess (especially Nick) should work on establishing their careers first before getting tied down with a kid. It seems like Jess is starting to be taken seriously by a more adult market, but if she has a kid, she won’t be able to do even the limited promotions she has been doing. Nick’s career needs a lot of work. That is, of course, unless they decided to do a new MTV reality show based on their being parents?

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    I think family comes before a career any day, so it’s good for them. And I think they will have beautiful children whether it’s now or later.

  4. grow_up says:

    They aren’t having a baby, they are getting a puppy. It was in last week’s US Weekly. You people will believe anything.

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    Exactly, this is the umpteenth report that she’s pregnant the first one being 1999. And besides why would it affect photo shoots? If she JUST learned she’s pregnant that gives her a good TWO MONTHS Before showing, this makes it sound like she got fat and just learned it was a pregnancy and damn tomorrow she’ll be looking 6 months along. REAL pregnancies don’t work like that. What a load of BS crap JUST a lame attempt for some nameless twit to CLAIM they know Jessica, and Jessica JUST Posted on her WEBSITE if she was pregnant she’d announce it to the whole free world in seconds flat. We KNOW she talks incessantly about being a virgin, having sex, so she’d talk about having a baby AND landing a deal with Sephora NEITHER Of which came out in her POST

    You know I may have bad things to say about Jessica but there is one thing that I do give her credit for, she announces PERSONAL things to her FANS FIRST BEFORE it makes the press junket. She announced her engagement on her board BEFORE it hit the news so if the girl was pregnant she’d announce it for fear if she didn’t tell her fans first they may HATE her for not telling them the news BEFORE the press. That and she’d NEVER wait for that three month mark MOST celebs wait for, you know when the rate of miscarriage decreases because she SEEKS OUT sympathy from everyone she’d announce it the day she was told she’s pregnant and if she miscarried she’d milk it for all its worth and act as if NO OTHER WOMAN EVER had a miscarriage but poor poor Jessica. Bottom line, THIS is BS

  6. Angel_Jtfan says:

    Well.. congrats to them.. Hopefully Jessica will grow up fast if this is true. But I don’t think that they are really ready.. Jessica is still lazy and needs maids and stuff

  7. Jackie_G says:

    Does anyone know any more about this? Has anyone been able to confirm it? Jessica’s in NY to launch the Dessert line and host SNL. Does anyone know where she’s staying or likes to stay in NYC?

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