September: Lady Gaga Stole My Look

is sounding off on Lady Gaga, claiming the ‘Poker Face’ singer’s wardrobe isn’t as groundbreaking as it’s been advertised. “I’ve been wearing similar outfits to Lady Gaga for years across Europe while I’ve been promoting my records,” September said, according to The Sun. “Now when I wear outrageous costumes people say I’m copying her. It really annoys me. She stole my look and I want it back.”

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One thought on “September: Lady Gaga Stole My Look

  1. Clare says:

    I think it is actually quite amusing!,lol. But seriously, whilst September is drawing attention to herself by slagging of Lady Gag, she is also coming across as rude and offensive. However, I can understand why she has chosen to do this, after all, she appeared to hit a peak level with her hit single smash cry for you in 2006, and a lot of people are talking about Lady Gaga. she seems to view the American newcomer as a threat to her poplularity. But, I have to say, that being rude publicly is not a good way of doing these things as she will only lose fans, and as a matter of fact, I have a few friends who informed me of this quote by September and said to me that they saw what she had said was unwarranted and that they no longer viewed themselves as fans.

    As a media student I also understand that thge sun may have slightly fabricated her actual words about Gaga, but since it is plastered over the internet on several reliable sourse I highly doubt it!.

    And all I have to say, is that if I was in September’s shoes, (and I must add, that I would not like to be) I would publicly apologise, and if I was a fan I would suggest, that a great way of gaining puplicity, as well as avoiding a conflict, or a situation of losing fans, I would suggest that as they move in similar commercialised musical circles they should work together. And September should address Lady Gaga and suggest that they write a song and give the profits to charity! Thsi means that people would listen to the song, recognising it as Lady Gag, and immediately become interested. The profits going to charity has an image to the audience that they are being kind to people who are not in good conditions in life. Furthermore, people would be talking about September also, so she will become more popular. It will alos mean that she forms an allience with Lady Gag and press people that were targeting September for her previous comments slating Lady Gag will hopefully be shooed away by the Gaga herself stating that they are friends. Doing it off of Lady Gaga’s back, kinda, but friendly, admitting that she is wrong, and sneaky in a way!. But from what I can see, it is the only way to gain the publicity and the attention that September seeks, as well as avoiding the situation of losing fans…

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