Settlement Reached In Suit Against Brooklyn Factory

The Associated Press reports that the U.S. Department of Labor has reached a $410,000 settlement with Brooklyn sweater factory owners of Danmar Finishing, ending a dispute over claims workers were not paid overtime. issued a statement denouncing labor violations after learning through the media that she did a spring catalog for teen clothier dELiA’s that featured clothing made at the factory. The Colombian pop artist said she was unaware of the accusations against the factory, and dELiA’s said Danmar didn’t make the clothing Shakira wore.

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2 thoughts on “Settlement Reached In Suit Against Brooklyn Factory

  1. Jive says:

    The only reason P.Diddy ran the city was to hide the fact that he ran a sweat shop and to have people believe that he cares for other people when he wants to make a lot of money. After his allegations, he ran the marathon. Coincidence, I guess not.

  2. rangergirl says:

    Ok another celebrity involved in the clothing industry sued for labor violations. I’m glad they settled. As for P.Diddy -how could he NOT know about his company’s violations? Isn’t he supposed to be business man supreme? I guess not. He is another media Ho. He makes me sick from ripping off people’s songs to exploiting labor. He is WAY more disgusting than Justin, Christina or Brit. And on top of it I heard he wants to act on Broadway. Oh, brother.

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