Seventeen Magazine Scans has added the scans of Seventeen Magazine’s March issue which features on the cover. The article brings Britney Spears’ first cover interview since her quickie marriage. Check them out here.

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8 thoughts on “Seventeen Magazine Scans

  1. fakeandslutina says:

    along came a hypocrite!’, ‘ Nanda_ho or Nanda_Lo..whatever your name is! It seems that you like to post stories or pics of Britney, and yet you are making fun of it at the same time. Of course nothing forgetting, you are ” Tazz’s slave” along with others…of course fu**in! anyways, forget about those retards. Nanda_Ho… what a hypocrite?

  2. nanda_lo says:

    I’m not kidding – it’s the interview I’ve ever read. The introduction is also very good and everyone should read it especially those who don’t like Britney. A very well written article – the best ever!

  3. nanda_lo says:

    who said I’m making fun of it??? the hypocrite here is you honey’, ‘who thinks that being a fan of Britney is the same of hating Xtina. You are pathetic, as much as your ridiculous nickname. Go to hell

  4. nanda_lo says:

    For your f**kign information I’m a BIG Britney fan. I don’t know why the hell you are saying that I’m making fun of her. Hello????? Are you retarded or what????? I post stuff about Britney because I like her. You are so PATHETIC girl. Your nick is even more PATHETIC. You know what, calling everyone a WH0RE or a SLUT like you usually do only proves how low and disgusting you are. SHOW ME WHEN I MADE FUN OF BRITNEY IDIOT. And I’m not a “Tazz slave”. I only like Tazz because she IS A NICE GIRL very different from you.

  5. tazzsgirl says:

    The girl is a babbling idiot of a train wreck. Last time someone told this much propaganda bullsh*t.When Baghdad Bob told the world that the Iraq Army repelled the American Invasion.

  6. hellahooked says:

    Wow, those pictures they used are gorgeous but I wish they did a photoshoot for it. The interview was very good, very interesting.. too bad it was short! Ahhh

  7. june says:

    i agree this article is well written…..her answers sounded like something a therapist would say though….it’s not really coming from her but hey at least she’s getting help coz I she really needs it!

  8. Brinn says:

    Poor girl. That cover is embarrassing. Her eyes are barely open and her mouth looks strange – how fake is that smile?

    Like I said – open the eyes, close the mouth. Although, I can’t blame her…. those..’, ‘eyes are ugly and the teeth are nice. She’s trying to bring out her best assets because they’re definitely not her eyes.

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