Shaggy Tops *NSYNC For Yearly Sales Nod

The RIAA has recognized the six times platinum ‘Hotshot’ as the best selling album of the year, beating out Enya’s ‘A Day Without Rain’ and *NSYNC’s ‘Celebrity’. RIAA president/CEO Hilary Rosen said in a statement, “When the industry has a year when you can mention Shaggy, Enya, and ‘N Sync in the same breath, there is a clear indication that Americans are not turning to any one genre of music.”

Vibe Editor Says *NSYNC R&B Effort Ironic

December 22, 2001 – spoke with Mimi Valdes, editor at large for Vibe magazine, about the new single from *NSYNC titled ‘Girlfriend.’ Valdes said, “Girlfriend’s lyrics are pure and innocent, and the song brings a cool R&B vibe to the marketplace. I think R&B was just missing [that]. It’s just ironic that these white boys just brought that back.”

Melinda Posts Happy Holidays Update

December 20, 2001 – Melinda posted an update for *NSYNC fans telling them “Happy Holidays from the *NSYNC Family.” As for their holiday plans, she says, “The guys are finally taking a couple weeks to be with their family and friends during the Holidays. All will go be with their families and give their office people a chance to catch up.”

Britney & *NSYNC Top AOL Search Queries

December 20, 2001 – AOL revealed today that Britney Spears was the most searched for person for the year beating out Nostradamus and Oprah. Britney also had the #3 poll of the year asking ‘Where Will Britney Be in Five Years?’ with 35% saying she will be Mrs. Timberlake. As for Justin, he and his *NSYNC bandmates were the most searched band on their website for the year beating out the Backstreet Boys at #2 and O-Town at #3.

Conan Receives *NSYNC X-Mas Card

December 20, 2001 – Conan O’Brien joked during a bit on Wednesday, “I got a [Christmas] card from *NSYNC. Isn’t that nice? Oh, well, you’ll love this then. No, it’s true. Look at this. *NSYNC sent me this. It says — “During the holidays, it’s more important to give than to receive.” And then it says — “Fortunately, we can do both.” Love, *NSYNC! Lawsuit in five, four — Not my problem, they sue the network. They show some liquor ads, and they get the money back!” The card featured naked members of the group in a choo-choo train position with a black rectangular bar blacking out their privates.

New *NSYNC Video For New Year’s Eve

December 20, 2001 – The new *NSYNC video for ‘Girlfriend’ will premiere on December 31 on MTV’s New Year’s Eve 2002 special. The video will feature Justin Timberlake drag racing a vintage Ford Mustang in footage filmed earlier this month.


December 19, 2001 – The New York Daily News reports *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone and Lance Bass visited the set of “Men in Black II” after getting an invite from makeup artist Rick Baker, a six-time Oscar-winner. What had people talking though was Joey wearing a T-shirt saying, ‘N Stink’. Fans though realize it’s nothing unusual for the guys in the group.

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