Shakaya Train With Pearlman Hoping To Go International

Brett Thomas of The Sun-Herald spoke with Shakaya’s Naomi Wenitong who says she and bandmate Simone Stacey would like to take the Australian group’s music to the overseas market. “Definitely, we want to go international,” she said. “We want to be able to write, produce and perform music at an international level. We want to start in Australia and build it up here first but we’d love to go overseas and represent Australian music it’s definitely one of our big aims.” To further their goal, they’ve trained in Orlando, Florida. “It’s a place called Transcontinental Studios, which is owned by a guy called Lou Pearlman, and people like Britney, the Backstreet Boys, R. Kelly, and have all worked there,” Wenitong said. “It’s a whole lot of rehearsal studios and recording studios and you can record, work on your vocals, or train in how to deal with the media.” Read more.

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