Shakira Agrees To Close All-Day Show

Dean Johnson of the Boston Herald reports that it wasn’t easy getting to buy off on closing the annual KISS Concert last night at the Tweeter Center. WXKS-FM (107.9) Music Director Kid David, who helped book tomorrow’s concert admits, “Generally, the bigger artists who have been around for a while and done a lot of radio shows over the years don’t like to close them. They’re a little afraid to go on last, especially if it’s been an all-day festival. They feel that by the end of the concert a lot of people will have left.”

NBC Shuts Out Sweatshop Protesters At Show

June 1, 2002 – The New York Daily News reports about 20 people from a group fighting unfair labor practices in the garment industry protested the Today Show concert by on Friday. Police made the protesters stay well behind the sound stage and NBC cameras. Maria Arriaga, a Brooklyn garment worker who said she was fired after reporting her factory to federal labor authorities commented, “We feel like we’re her people – that she should support us. I’m not satisfied with just her words. She has to do something more.”

Shirley Manson’s Had Enough Of Shakira

June 1, 2002 – Shirley Manson posted on Garbage’s official site diary recently in reference to the Shakira single ‘Underneath Your Clothes’: “What on earth is Shakira going on about in her new single? I thought I’d heard it all after the ‘It is good that my breasts are so small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains’ line but I guess I was wrong.”

Shakira Fan Prompts Reporter To Get Autographs

June 1, 2002 – Richard Abowitz of the Las Vegas Weekly profiled his history of finding the line between reporter and fan. During the VH1 Divas concert, the reporter got an autograph – three actually – for the first time in his reporting career, prompted by the continuous screaming of “I love you, Shakira! I love you, Shakira!” by a young female fan.

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2 thoughts on “Shakira Agrees To Close All-Day Show

  1. Necie says:

    Damn, Shirley is a MAJOR HATER. she’s just mad because nobody listens to her crappy garbage music

  2. prplreina says:

    Shirley’s just mad because she is not as talented and famous as Shakira. BTW, her band has done nothing lately, so she shouldn’t be hatin’!

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