Shakira And The Dilemmas Of Going Global

Shakira sits

The Economist profiled and how the singer and her record company, Sony BMG, pondered how to follow her 2001 global chart-topping, 13 million selling album, ‘Laundry Service’. Shakira said, “The industry would have liked me to put out another English album six months after ‘Laundry Service’. But I can’t make music like hamburgers.” Read more.

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One thought on “Shakira And The Dilemmas Of Going Global

  1. LiLmissPopStaR says:

    She’s awesome and I love everything that she represents… she writes her own music and produces it her way… her new spanish cd is totally awesome and I cant wait to get her new english one. She is by far on of the few talented celebs that are out there today.

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