Shakira Anti-Israeli Slur Proclaimed False’s Urban Legend expert, David Emery, reports a widely circulated e-mail suggesting that during an MTV interview which was talking to fans phoning in to the network, an Israeli fan was put on the air and the Colombian born singer said she’d “rather have PIGS listening to her music than Israelis!” is FALSE. Emery writes, “Poppycock. It’s an obvious, slanderous hoax. For the benefit of those who lack the common sense to recognize it as such, I contacted an MTV spokesman who told me without equivocation that the story is false. This incident never happened.” Read more.

Update: On the European MTV website there is a short article informing readers that “there have been some reports regarding alleged recent comments made by on MTV. MTV Networks Europe would like to confirm that these comments were NOT made on any of MTV’s 35 channels across the world.” They go on to state that “MTV Networks Europe is committed to fostering tolerance, mutual respect and understanding, and our channels’ programming policies reflect these principles.”

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