Shakira: I’m Not A Feminist

Shakira Colombia

World Entertainment News Network reports that is not comfortable being called a feminist. “I’m not a feminist, no. At least I wouldn’t like to hang that sign around my neck,” she said. “I feel very much in touch with the woman in me, but I think I have taken somehow a more masculine approach in life – especially in the way I deal with my affairs. And when I say masculine I guess I say aggressive, you know the way I approach my dreams, the way I chase them.”

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One Response to Shakira: I’m Not A Feminist

  1. Haters-GetaLIFE says:

    I think it’s clear that Shakira wasn’t a feminist-I love a bunch of her songs.’, ‘I am not a feminist either. Being feminine is one thing, but feminist are too extreme. imo

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