Shakira Is Amazed By Her Success In America

told RCN Columbia, while taking a vacation in her hometown Barranquilla, that she is amazed with the success in the U.S. She says, “It’s exciting to walk around places like Chicago and see people yelling Shakira! But I still don’t believe in the word ‘crossover’, I don’t really like that word. The American pop market is too stereotypical. They either accept the blonde popstar with the choreography and sexy clothes, or the girl that plays her instrument and writes her own music. Everything out of those parameters is ignored, which is very sad, and makes artists to change their own style. Now you see pop singers trying to sing rock, hip-hop and whatever is in at that time. There are also many Latin singers that had failed their crossovers caused by these stupid stereotypes. Many of them don’t play their instrument or write their own music, but that doesn’t mean they are talentless. Charisma and originality are the keys to success.”

Pop Stars Offer New Year’s Resolutions

January 8, 2004 – Us Weekly asked several stars their New Year’s resolutions. Michelle Branch said, “To drink more water. I’m probably the most dehydrated person in the world.” said, “To stick to the vegetarian diet I started a week ago. Wish me luck, because I like chicken and meat very much, but I’m trying!” Taylor said simply, “Always kick ass in 2004.” And Alanis Morissette said, “To be in the moment more more easily – not living in the past.”

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One thought on “Shakira Is Amazed By Her Success In America

  1. PAO says:

    She has all the talent to sing any lanquage. She also has the personality to pull it off.

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