Shakira ‘No’ Video

Shakira 'No' single

is out with the music video to their new single ‘No’, from the Colombian pop singer’s sixth studio album ‘Fijacion Oral’, released on Epic Records. Gustavo Cerati is featured in guitar and backing vocals on the track. Watch the Jaume de Laiguana directed video via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Shakira ‘No’ Video

  1. divinah says:

    so who’s she copying this time? alanis? britney/madonna? beyonce?

    There ought to be a law against copycats’, ‘This ape from Columbia does nothing but mimic other artists — artists who are in vogue. She copies every hotartist of the moment. In her first four Spanish albums back in the mid 90s she emulated the voice, style and looks of Alanis Morrissette. In her (crappy) English debut “Laundry Service,” she attempted to look and move like Britney Spears (and sometimes like Madonna), dyeing her hair blond and wearing jewelry reminiscent of Madonna’s Boy Toy phase. Now in her latest (crappy) effort, especially in the video for that flop “La Tortura,” she’s trying to copy Beyonce, doing a variation of her moves in “Crazy In Love.” I haven’t seen “No” yet, but I bet she’s copying another artist. Sheesh…she should just have her apelike upper lip repaired instead of copying others.

  2. xx says:

    LoL..Yeah I agree,she’s a copy cat,i bought her album Fijacion Oral,and I was surprised when I heard “La Pared”..its sounds like Coldplay’s “Clocks” actually I think its a bootleg version of “Clocks”…Sorry Shakira!

  3. ko says:

    Some of you people are just clueless. Copycat? Please. Shakira came out around the same time as Alanis…and her vocals have been the same ever since. Shakira trying to be Britney? LOL! Shakira was sporting the blonde hair when Britney was still a brunette. And then you guys suggest she’s copying Beyonce! LOL! Beyonce has been ripping J.Lo since her Dangerously In Love release. Shakira has been belly dancing and creating her own moves years before Destiny’s Child had began. If anything Beyonce is ripping Shakira’s every move as she did with J.Lo.

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