Shakira On Last Call With Carson Daly

stopped by Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday. The Latin star talked about how things have changed for her in America in the past year, how she’s been getting better with her English, why she hasn’t done a U.S. tour — she’s planning one beginning in November, all the noise on TRL, and she spoke a bit of Spanish at the end of the interview. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Let’s get things started with my first guest, who is already a huge star in the Latin world when she made a name for herself in America by letting us all know that her breasts were “small and humble.”

[ Laughter ] But now the same cannot be said for her record sales. Please welcome Shakira.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Nelly’s “E.I.” Plays ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: How a you? Nice to see you. Have a seat.

[ Continued cheers ] Shakira!

Shakira: How are you doing, guys?

Carson: Settle down. Settle down. Hi, shak-Y.

Shakira: Hello.

Carson: How are you?

Shakira: Good.

Carson: This is kind of nice just to talk to you. And you don’t have to perform or run around. We get to just hang with you. Thank you for being here on the show. Just chilling out with Shakira. I want to talk — we have a lot to talk about. I think I’m somebody here in the states that can definitely talk a little bit about your career and how it started because I think it was the first Latin Grammys when you performed here in the states. My phone in new york was ringing off the hook saying, “do you know that Shakira — Shakira, her performance was sick. This girl can rock out. She can play acoustic. She does a lot of different things.” And then I was at — I got a chance to host your record release party for laundry service.

Shakira: Yeah, and I appreciated that.

Carson: But at that point —

Shakira: — Introducing me to the Anglo world. It meant a lot to me.

Carson: The Anglo world, yes.

[ Laughter ] “That devilish world, the Anglo world.” Yes, I escorted you to hell very well.

Shakira: No, when you’re a Colombian girl that has been keeping so many dreams inside — and one of them was actually to expand my career to other countries — non Spanish-speaking countries, besides my Hispanic market. It was like a dream coming true for me, so —

Carson: Right.

Shakira: So yeah, the Anglo market seemed like, “ohh! The Anglo market — what is that?”

Carson: You come in and out of new york. Do you like coming to New York, and what do you do when you’re in New York?

Shakira: I love new yo, yeah. It’s very nice because there’s a lot of cultural activities here.

Carson: There’s a lot of — how do you say it? — Homeless people. I love it.

Shakira: There’s a lot of things to do, you know?

Carson: But when you walk down the street, what’s your recognition factor? Does everybody just say, “that’s Shakira, that’s Shakira, that’s Shakira”? Or can you get behind the glasses, rock a hat, and no one knows?

Shakira: It is really difficult to hide behind a pair of sunglasses or — you know, I’ve tried it all. I’ve tried wigs. I’ve tried baseball caps. Nothing works.

Carson: Right. Not now. Isn’t that crazy? We were just talking — a year ago, I saw you at the MTV music awards.

Shakira: That’s good because there’s big Latin community here.

Carson: Right.

Shakira: So I was —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: But certainly now — I mean, now things are much different from the record release party of laundry service, from the Grammys. Things are much, much different now. How are you handling things?

Shakira: It’s been a fascinating year for me. Very interesting. I think the big lesson that I’ve learned is that, you know, the scenarios change, the faces change. But at the end of the day, we’re all the same, and it feels the same to be, you know, visiting a radio station in Japan or in Colombia or in Germany or here.

Carson: Right. ‘Cause they all end up asking the same questions anyway.

[ Light laughter ] They want you to get up, shake your hips, talk about, you know, “what’s it like?”

Shakira: There’s always the same kind of feeling behind all that, you know?

Carson: I can’t believe you haven’t done a U.S. Tour.

Shakira: I haven’t because I haven’t had time yet to put it all together. But actually, we’re working on that, and I started already with my rehearsals, and I’m very excited because we will begin our worldwide tour in the U.S. In November.

Carson: Right.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Shakira: We’ll be in new york in Madison Square Garden.

Carson: Right, Madison Square Garden is a great place to be.

[ Cheers and applause ] I love the fact that you play guitar. I know that you do play. That was one of the cool things, I thought, about your show, was your rocking out on guitar. Are you gonna play a lot of guitar on the tour?

Shakira: Maybe, yeah, a couple songs. Yeah.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: Right.

Shakira: And a little bit of harmonica, too.

Carson: Right.

Shakira: And Danny and Joe play on the guitar, but my musicians prefer — they like me when I join them with an instrument or something, but they prefer to see me dancing.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: The musicians do?

Shakira: Yeah.

Carson: Right, of course they do.

[ Laughter ] I mean, just geographically. Watching you dance is fun, too.

[ Laughter ]

Shakira: Well, to me — that happens to me with some lead singers, you know, like Bono or Mick Jagger. I prefer to see them walking — you know, being in control of the stage rather than play any instruments. I don’t know, it’s like a lead singer thing.

Carson: But you’ll do a bit of both but probably take command at the front of the stage and dance a lot and play guitar, just a few songs.

Shakira: Yeah. I like to metamorphose myself throughout the whole show. I don’t like to get married to one type of role and stay there for a long time. I like my show to change and be dynamic.

Carson: Right, so do I.

[ Light laughter ] The one interesting thing about Shakira — when I first met you, your English has gotten progressively so much better.

Shakira: Thank you.

Carson: But in our first interview, which was just — I don’t know if you remember it. It was just a lot of, like — yeah, a lot of nodding and just trying to figure out the words, like “welcome to America,” “music,” and she’s like —

[ Laughter ] “I am Shakira. Hola. Hola. What up?”

Shakira: The thing about “TRL,” there’s a big level of noise, too.

Carson: Right, everybody’s screaming there.

Shakira: Yeah, everybody’s screaming, and it’s really hard — it was really hard for me to understand what you were saying.

Carson: Right.

Shakira: You were like, “la, la, la, la.” It was everything —

Carson: That’s exactly what ng, too. I was like, “Shakira’s here. La, la, la, la!”

[ Laughter ]

Shakira: And the rest was all screams. So I was having trouble with that.

Carson: But that interview and what I’ve noticed every time I’ve talked to you since is that it’s amazing to me how articulate you are. And sometimes when you’re talking, you’ll speak slowly, and your English is getting better, your diction. You know more words now, but you always kind of take a break, and then you’ll come back, and you’ll say, like, “metamorphosize.”

[ Laughter ] You know, you’ll come up with, like — and you’re like — it’s like she’s struggling through something simple, but then she’ll hit you with something profound.

Shakira: Yeah, you get scared. You’re like, “oh, she’s — she’s gonna mess up.”

Carson: No, but you don’t. Is that troubling in the way that you write music?

Shakira: No, but you — about what you’re talking about — the thing with me is that the camera can intimidate me a little bit, especially when I’m speaking in English. That’s not my mother language.

Carson: Right.

Shakira: But —

Carson: I want to mention, do you remember this book?

Shakira: Oh, I gave you that, yeah.

Carson: Can you see that?

Shakira: Don’t think bad because the woman is naked.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Don’t think bad? That’s why I wrote you the “thank you” note.

[ Laughter ] But wrote a nice note. It’s a little present, it’s from my country. And —

Shakira: Botero is a painter.

Carson: Botero is — que?

Shakira: — Is a very famous artist.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: But it’s funny, ’cause in the book, it’s just all, like, fat people. I mean, it’s just —

Shakira: Can I read what I wrote for you?

Carson: Yeah, sure, yeah.

Shakira: Okay. “Carson — ” ahh! No, I can’t do it.

[ Laughter ] I can’t do it. You do it.

Carson: I’ll read it. But your number’s here. I gotta —

[ Laughter ] Never mind. Well, listen, the tour’s going good. When it starts, it’s gonna be great for you. While I have you here, I was wondering — ’cause this is such a huge night. It’s our first Friday night. We’re doing an hour-long show, and I’m thinking, “we booked Shakira,” and I know that there’s a lot of people at home right now in the Latin community that might have seen the booking and are watching this show right now because you’re here. And I thought it would be an opportune time to speak to the Latin community and say something specifically to them with your help.

Shakira: Very good.

Carson: To maybe, like, invite them back to watch next week or whatever.

[ Light laughter ] You know, an effort to sort of — we need all the help we can get here, so I’ve prepared just a little something —

Shakira: I’ll help you out.

Carson: You can translate it. This is to everybody in the Latin community. And it goes like this. “Welcome to ‘last call.'”

Shakira: Bienvenido a “last call.”

Carson: “My friend, Shakira, is translating this message of good will to the Latin community.”

[ Laughter ]

[ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: “I want to reach out to all of the Espanol speakers in America.”

[ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Sounds nice when you say it.

[ Laughter ] “We’re honored to have talented, beautiful artists like on our show.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Carson: Ready?

Shakira: Yeah, yeah, they’re liking it.

Carson: They love you, I know. “At ‘last call,’ we love all things Latin, like the Latin food, music and culture.”

[ Speaking spanish ]

[ Laughter ]

Carson: I really appreciate this, by the way.

Shakira: Any time.

Carson: “So on Monday, if Shakira is not here, we hope that you watching tonight will join us.”

[ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Muchas gracias, Shakira.

Shakira: De nada, de nada.

Shakira: Okay?

Carson: Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Shakira, everybody.

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