Shakira On Regis And Kelly This Morning

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Singing sensation performed her new single “Underneath Your Clothes” this morning on Live With Regis and Kelly. When Shakira was young someone told her she would never make it as a singer because her voice sounded “like a bleating goat.” Undaunted by the discouragement she wrote her first song when she was 8 years old. Now Shakira writes some songs in English and some in Spanish. This is album #7 for her but the first with English songs. Shakira explained “This is the first time I take the new step in my life of writing songs in English.” Co Host Kelly Ripa asked, “What language do you think in and dream in?” To which Shakira responded, “I think in Spanish, I love in Spanish and I get married in Spanish”. “You love in Spanish?” Regis asked “That is very interesting. “Yes it is,” said Shakira.

has been busy lately she told Regis and Kelly “I’ve been doing a promotional tour in Europe. We just came from Turkey, the UK, Germany. It’s been a long trip.”

Ripa asked if she ever gets to slow down and have time with her family, and answered, “I travel with my family. I travel with my parents so that is something that makes me feel at home. As long as I have them around I feel at home.”

Wednesday March 27 on Live Celine Dion will perform her latest single “Brand New Day.” Check local listings for time.

Shakira Talks Politics At Istanbul Beauty Pageant

March 18, 2002 – MuchMusic reports Shakira was in Istanbul, Turkey recently to perform at a local beauty contest. The Colombian singer used the opportunity to talk about the ability of artists to talk politics through their music saying, “I think an artist can be political through his or her art and through his or her song and that is my way to do politics sometimes.”

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