Shakira Partners With Reebok For Footwear & Apparel

Reebok has signed Grammy-award winning artist Shakira to an endorsement agreement that is being marketed under the brand’s “Sounds & Rhythm of Sport” platform. The line will debut at retail beginning spring 2003, with Reebok showcasing a collection of footwear and apparel that captures the spirit of Shakira’s youth, style and energy. “My music crosses cultural boundaries to reach today’s youth around the world,” says Shakira. “Reebok understands what young people around the world are all about. By joining their team, I am able to fuse my style and music with Reebok’s products and marketing to further connect with this global audience.”

Shakira Thanks Timberlake For Calling Her Hot Hot Hot

September 19, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight caught up with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Love Hewitt who both arrived solo to the Latin Grammy Awards last night. “I’m just here to see Shakira,” Timberlake said. “She’s just so hot, hot, hot. And it just so happens she’s hot.” Love Hewitt said, “I have no fine companion tonight. Maybe I’ll find one. Maybe he’ll be Latin, you never know.” Asked to respond to Timberlake’s “hot” remarks, Shakira said, “Well, thank you very much.”

Shakira Learning To Cook Arabic Food

September 6, 2002 – WENN reports Shakira has taken up learning how to cook Arabic food because it’s a tradition that runs in the Colombian pop singer’s family.

“I’ve recently learned how to cook Arabic food,” she said. “It’s great food and I don’t want the tradition to get lost in my family.”

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3 thoughts on “Shakira Partners With Reebok For Footwear & Apparel

  1. dragonzNpiano says:

    She just wants to have something to sell, like how Britney sells Pepsi and sketchers and Christina sells coke and fetish (make-up). i don’t wanna see her feet on the ads!

  2. -SunnyLou- says:

    Yeah, Shakira, screw you and your uplifting speech.

    Once again, an artist I thought to be somewhat decent has proved herself to be nothing more than a sell-out.

  3. eLgato says:

    She’s on camera. anyone would say that. ET told her Justin complimented her just so they could have something for that night’s show. It’s not like she went to them.

    Justin would say Ru Paul looks good if it could get him on TV. He’s just mad that Shakira collaborated with BSB for their next record.

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