Shakira Says Latin Fans Still Support Her

Shannon McCarthy of Get Real Detroit spoke with about whether her success with her English debut has resulted in any negative response from her Latin fans. “Not at all, and it was a concern that many people around me had,” Shakira revealed. “But I never felt that type of concern because I feel the relationship that I have with my Latin fans is a very structured relationship. In a way, there’s a lot of trust in this relationship. I feel that they understand me and tolerate me and forgive my mistakes because there’s depth in our relationship. There’s roots. They know me through the lyrics of my song, they know the type of person I am, they know my principles, all that. And I was confident that they were not going to feel betrayed at any moment because that’s not the type of person I am. I’m not a betrayer. I’m loyal and I continue being loyal to my people.”

Shakira’s Hip Shake Is In Her Blood

November 14, 2002 – Extra TV asked if she knows why America has fallen so in love with her. She says, “Because I fell in love with America a long time ago.” As for how she describe her shake, Shakira says, “Nobody taught me how to do it. I guess it’s in my DNA, in my blood.”

Is Involved With Every Detail Of Her Tour

November 14, 2002 – MTV’s Total Request Live caught up with Shakira who is currently on tour. The singer said, “I’m creatively involved with every detail of the show. I have to be close to what’s going on every day to see how those ideas evolved. It went then no letters with no music.” She added, “You have to watch a child as they grow, same with ideas but I’m definitely very confident with the people that are working with me on this tour they are just the best.”

Shakira Has Mastered The Art Of Stardom

November 12, 2002 – Steve Baltin of reviewed the opening night of Shakira’s Tour of the Mongoose stop at the San Diego Sports Arena. Baltin said, “Shakira told Rolling Stone earlier this year that she planned to ‘seduce America.’ The kickoff of the tour, nearly a year to the day of the release of ‘Laundry Service’, offered a chance to find out if she’s met her goal. The answer is resoundingly yes. In today’s pop music scene, stardom is an art form, and Shakira has unquestionably mastered it.”

Shakira Feels Like An Ambassador For Colombia

November 11, 2002 – Mauricio Minotta of the Los Angeles Daily News spoke with Shakira, who says her individual success is a credit to her home country. “I feel like it’s my responsibility to serve as an ambassador for Colombia,” she says. “I don’t take my accomplishments personally. I take them as being good news for my people so they can celebrate with me.” As for the most recent credit she got at the Latin VMA’s, Shakira said, “It was really very emotional when I went up to accept the last award. When I saw the audience on their feet, I really felt like their applause was full of love. It made me feel like I really have a strong relationship with my Latin fans.”

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