Shakira Was Surprised By Sex Symbol Status

The Malaysia Star reports Shakira has said she was surprised that the American and British public quickly turned her into a sex symbol, putting her on the covers of men’s magazines. “For a second, I was like, ‘Hmmm, really? Am I that sexy?’ Of course, I enjoyed it. I felt flattered. It was fun, but then after a while it just gets boring. I’m a little sick of that. And I want to move on.”

Shakira Can’t Wait To Take Tour To Latin America

December 14, 2002 – Shakira spoke with Steppin’ Out magazine about her Tour of the Mongoose, which she calls “the production of my dreams.” The singer explains, “I have the same production crew that has worked with the Rolling Stones and U2, the lighting designers of Paul McCartney and Nine Inch Nails, and a band that sounds amazing. They’re really smokin’. I can’t wait to take this show to my people in Latin America because they’ve never seen me do a show of this level.”

Newcastle Utd Treated To Shakira Sighting

December 11, 2002 – The Sun reports the men of Newcastle Utd’s soccer team were pleasantly surprised to see Shakira waltzing through the foyer before heading for a show she was doing in Barcelona. “Jaws dropped around the whole reception area,” an onlooker revealed. “The players were sitting around playing cards and stuff and then Shakira came out of the lifts in her sexy outfit. They were well chuffed.”

Shakira Waits In Vain For Double Decker Bus In London

December 8, 2002 – The Sun reports Shakira wanted to sample the London life by riding a double-decker bus but abandoned the plan after it never showed up in the freezing cold on Saturday morning. “Shakira and her bouncer waited patiently but the bus never showed,” an onlooker revealed. Instead, she called her limo.

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