Shane Harper Isn’t About Trying To Make Formulaic Hits

Shane Harper visits Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood caught up with singer and ‘Good Luck Charlie’ star during his recent takeover of Radio Disney. In the interview, Shane discussed his first Disney audition, his tour with and Cody Simpson, and showed off some of his karate skills. During the takeover, Shane performed an acoustic version of ‘Dancing in the Rain’, which Shane will be premiering the official video for later this month.

“I like to jam in sessions, so I like to have people that are really into music, not trying to make a formulaic hit,” Shane said when asked how the songs on his recently released self-titled debut album came about. “I just like being in the room with people who are inspired by music, who can play instruments themselves, or who want to collaborate in a really exciting way, because I like to be excited in the room about what you’re making and let everything out and have a good time.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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