Shannon Elizabeth Says Enrique Iglesias Is Very Shy

Last Call with Carson Daly re-ran their interview with Shannon Elizabeth who talked a bit about her video with Enrique Iglesias. Shannon denied anything went on and insisted that Enrique was very shy, though they became friends the day after shooting. Shannon may have won some points with Enrique fans and Anna Kournikova haters when she later joked, “You know, I think — I think every hot chick out there who wants to make money should just pick up a racket and stand on the court and grunt a lot. They don’t even have to try.” Read on for the portion of the transcript focused on Enrique.

Carson: Now that you’re married and everything, now’s probably a good
time to bring up enrique iglesias.

Shannon: What about him?

Carson: You did the video.

Shannon: Uh-huh.

Carson: And what is this guy’s deal? Is he — is he purposely casting
people in his videos that he just wants to spend time with and, like, hook
up with?

Shannon: I would probably say yes.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Right? That’s the sense we get.

Shannon: Not with me, but your, like —

Carson: No, of course not with you, ’cause you’re a professional.

Shannon: — Anna kournikova, that he was connected to. And jennifer
love hewitt he was kinda connected to.

Carson: What is this guy’s action on the set like? What is his deal?

Shannon: He’s very shy, at first. Like, it was weird, ’cause the first
day of working with him was when I had to kiss him. And he wouldn’t talk
to me, because he was so shy. And I was shy and —

Carson: You’re used to this. You’re used to playing the part of this
— like psycho fan in a video dancing with him and stuff. It’s certainly
not you.

Shannon: Yeah, no.

Carson: It’s just sort of the role in the video.

Shannon: Right.

Carson: And he’s not used to that, right?

Shannon: Right. I guess, to some degree.

Carson: Why is he always making out with the girls in his videos?

[ Laughter ]

Shannon: Because he pays for ’em and gets to write it and say what happens
and —

Carson: Was he creepy with you?

Shannon: No. It was awkward, because we were — we hadn’t really spoken
to each other, and we had to kiss. And then the next day, we got to be
really good friends.

Carson: Right.

Shannon: But the kiss part was already over.

Carson: Right.

Shannon: I’m like, “well, now that we’re friends, we should go do that
again, ’cause I’m sure we could do better than that,” you know?

Carson: Right.

Shannon: And I’m watching and I’m like, “it’s kinda weird. It doesn’t
feel right.”

Carson: I have a question for you. Is your husband still here?

Shannon: Um —

[ Laughter ]

Carson: There he is.

Shannon: Yeah, you know, he’s kissed enrique, too, so it’s okay.

Carson: Yeah.

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