Shannon Noll Checks In While Promoting ‘Loud’

Shannon Noll of Australia

‘Australian Idol’ season one runner-up checked in on his blog at MySpace on Monday (August 20), talking about his new single ‘Loud’ and starting rehearsals for ‘Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds’. He writes:

Hi guys, I wanted to drop you a note as by now you may have heard ‘Loud’ on the radio or seen the video? you are all liking it! I’ve started all of my single and album promotion now, and next week I do a stack of TV interviews and radio interviews, and then head over to Perth for a week of rehearsal for The War Of The Worlds.

It kicks off in Perth on 8th September. As my TV performances get closer I’ll drop you a note or make sure we post it on the website so you know where I’ll be. If you’re in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne you hear me on the Jonathan Coleman Experience on 4KQ/WSFM/GOLD FM next Tuesday 28th from 1pm talking about The War Of The Worlds.

Hey, we might also do a couple of single in-stores, we’re just working out where and when at the moment.

I’ve just signed off on my album artwork and packaging so that goes into production now. We’re also about to add a whole new bunch of t-shirt designs to the merchandise part of the website.

Its all happening, it’s crazy! I’m off to do more interviews…



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