Shar Jackson Vs. Britney Spears

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Everybody knows who Shar Jackson is nowadays. She’s the mother of Kevin Federline’s 2 kids, as well as a victim. I would think that most people would give her more sympathy, but I guess I am wrong. I find it appalling how some of you people are being so thickheaded about the whole situation. Some of you say that Shar should be happy that Kevin is with and has a better life. Puh-leez. So you are saying that Shar should be happy that her baby’s daddy left her while she was pregnant with their second child together? Now she has to jump and laugh with joy that he’s now married to a pop star, who is now pregnant with his kid? And on top of that, is she supposed to be overjoyed when seeing tabloids about it too? I mean c’mon people.

For those of you who think Shar has to be that stupid but to be extremely happy about it, tell me seriously, would you be overjoyed that your baby’s daddy left you for another woman without making a compromise in the relationship first? Would you be happy that your baby’s daddy left for that other woman, and wasn’t there for your kids? I bet if that situation happened to you, you would be just as angry and pissed off. Any woman would. She doesn’t need to shut up or hide in a box, she has every right to speak about this.

And I also want to make a statement about the fact that she has 4 kids already. Some of you are using that fact to accuse her of being irresponsible. First of all, what does her having 4 kids have anything to do with the wrong doings of Britney and Kevin? Who ever said it’s a crime to have 4 kids? If she can take care of them properly, then it doesn’t matter. The fact that she has 4 kids has nothing to do with ANYTHING. That doesn’t excuse Kevin from taking care of the 2 kids he had with her. Whether she had 4 kids or 8 kids even, it still doesn’t give Kevin the right to leave her and their kids without patching things up first.

There was just no excuse for either Kevin or Britney to carelessly leave Shar in the dumps. Now, it’s great that Kevin and Britney are married, and are ready to start a family of their own, but I think some of you are overlooking the reason why Shar is angry. It’s not the fact that Kevin is married to Britney, he has that right and of course he shouldn’t be in a relationship that he’s miserable in. And yes, they have the right to have children. But that’s not the point.

There were many ways that they could have done to prevent tension, and to prevent future problems: 1) Maybe Britney and Kevin should have made it official about their relationship AFTER Shar had the baby, instead of just declaring they are a couple while she was pregnant. 2) Britney could have told Kevin to make sure the relationship between Shar and he is peaceful before being with him. Maybe if she did that it could have made HER look responsible and more respected, and could have made Kevin looked more like a man and responsible father than some dead beat dad.

I know some of you guys might say that Britney and Kevin can do what they like or whatnot, but there’s a little something called decency, and being responsible by making a compromise. And apparently, Britney and Kevin haven’t shown that at all. And I still can’t believe that some of you called Shar irresponsible just for the fact that she has 4 kids? Sure, maybe it is, but did she leave her kids? NO. Kevin doing that is far more irresponsible and wrong than Shar having 4 kids.

Like I said, as long as she’s raising those kids then there’s nothing irresponsible about it. If you are using that as an excuse to make Shar look bad, then that shows your lack of accepting the worse flaws of the other side. And it also shows how blind you are. If you were in Shar’s situation, can you seriously be happy, keep quiet, and feeling wrong that you had 4 kids? Or imagine if you were in Britney’s shoes, would u seriously feel happy to see your hubby leaving the woman that had 2 of his kids? Could you seriously build a happy marriage around that? And imagine this, if you were in Britney’s shoes and Kevin did the same thing to you as he did to Shar, then what would you be saying to justify the role of “irresponsibility”?

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