Shayne Ward Hooks Up With The Underdogs On Third Album

‘The X Factor’ season two winner checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@shayneward) on Thursday (August 7) with an update on his follow-up to his 2007 sophomore album ‘Breathless’. Shayne writes:

Hey Guys,

I watched UB40 in concert the other night in LA, what legends!! Was a good night and I had really friendly people in front of me who kept offering me food and drinks all throughout the show, which was really kind of them!!

I’m still in L.A working really hard in the studio, normally start in the afternoon and work through the night, so my sleeping pattern is all over the place!

I hooked up with The Underdogs last week in the studio, they are the producers behind the massive hit ‘No Air’, the Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown duet. I’m really excited about this weeks work as well. It feels like I’ve been away for ages now, and to be truthful, when you’re away for so long you don’t half miss home! Writing these blogs helps to keep me focused when I’ve got time to think about home and it chills me out. I’m really glad that I’ve got you guys to share my experiences with.

I’m so excited about all of the songs that are coming together for the new album and it just makes me want to work even harder on this record!! And I want to make sure that all of you come on the journey again with me!

Speak to you all again soon

Love Shayne x

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One thought on “Shayne Ward Hooks Up With The Underdogs On Third Album

  1. Emma lodge says:

    Hi I cont wait for shayne new album comes out I love all his songs and all have a message behide it hope to hear from you soon love emma x x

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