Shayne Ward Open To Posing Nude

‘X Factor’ champ is complaining to the Daily Star about the perception he’s suddenly become rich. “People think I’m loaded but It’s not true,” Ward said. “The record contract is worth £1m but I pay all the expenses – stylists, make-up artists, travel, photoshoots, video shoots. Everything costs money so I have to work my backside off in order to get any money.” The singer revealed an openness to gain that wealth, though. “A naked photoshoot? Yeah why not,” he said. “If it was done tastefully it could be quite I don’t know what my mum would say.”

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One thought on “Shayne Ward Open To Posing Nude

  1. sam says:

    I like you very much SHAYNE WARD. Especially your No Promises Song is My favorite.

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