Shelly Kearns Says She’s Stopping Forum Participation

Christina Aguilera’s mother Shelly Kearns told readers on her daughter’s official site message board on Monday that she’s no longer going to be posting on the forum. Kearns is angry over allegations that she’s been lying about knowledge of her daughter’s highly anticipated album that has had various release dates published dating back to last year, only to see those dates get pushed out further. Kearns blasted, “What I told you is true. I DO NOT CARE what is posted where. WE did not register those titles on that site and back when it was asked me, I gave you the information AS IT WAS GIVEN TO ME BY HER MANAGEMENT AND BY RCA, thank you very much. Do you really think that I sit here behind my desk and never talk to anybody but Christina about business?? When are you going to learn that 90% of the info floating around out there is false half of the time!” Kearns had made similar threats in the past and has had the ‘Shelly Kearns’ section of the forum suspended, but this one appears to be the most serious to date.

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