Shelly Kearns Shoots Down Forum Posting On New LP

Shelly Kearns responded to someone claiming to have inside information on Christina Aguilera’s new album where poster ‘BennyMed’ wrote: “Just thought I would shed some light on the delay problems with Christina’s new album. All of the original songs were dumped and Christina and her producers had to go back to the drawing board. The Neptunes, Babyface, William Orbit, Beck, and Timbaland all had tracks that were dumped. From what I hear, none of them are working on any of the new songs.”

“Scott Storch, Moby, and Dallas Austin are all working with her, however. Christina is actually still recording some vocals for the album, but I hear that by April a single will be relased. Not sure when the release date is, since Im getting all this info second hand. Normand did tell me that he still keeps in touch with some of Christina’s people, and she is really worried about this album. I hear the girl is kinda depressed. But Im sure her album will rock! And Ill let you guys know when, and if, I hear anything new.”

Responding to the post, Christina Aguilera’s mother blasted, “BennyMed, with all due respect, who exactly are you? … and how on earth did you come up with such odd ‘info’?”

“And please tell me the Normand you are referring to is not Normand K***Z! (if so…well, let’s just say that might explain the bizarre details).”

“You guys, half the people in this person’s post never had anything to do with Christina’s new album whatsoever. She’s not depressed or ‘down’ (very much the opposite, actually)….Nothing’s been ‘dumped’, etc…it’s all bogus info.”

“Why do people do this? I really don’t get it. Honestly…I’m serious!”

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