Shelly Kearns’s Hotmail Account Hacked

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Posted at LiveDaily by Shelly Kearns, mother of Christina Aguilera…

Hello! I just needed to alert everyone that my hotmail account was hacked into. I believe it happened last evening or early this morning. I cannot access my own account.

If any of you were with me back then, you’ll remember that a long time ago my fanmail accounts at Hotmail were hacked into and the pervert posed as me, replying to a lot of fans with wrong information and vulgar letters. I’m suspecting that this hacker is probably planning to do the same….to send out quotes and things posing as me to try and do some damage.

If you or anyone else has received ANYTHING from after 2:30 yesterday afternoon, it’s fake.

Can you imagine if these hackers and haters used all that same energy towards positive things rather than dishonest or negative things? They could accomplish so much with their lives..make so much of themselves. Ah well…..

Anyway, please go to every message board on the internet that you can to help spread the word around that any new replies received from today on from that address are not coming from me, but instead, from an imposter.

Meanwhile, I’ll let you know when my new address is up. (they don’t scare me away that easily).

Love you all,


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