Sheryl Crow Comments On Michael Jackson’s Weirdness

Blender magazine readers submitted questions to and one asked about the period where she was a backup singer for Michael Jackson, and if she felt he was a bit odd. “Uh, hello?,” Crow responded. “Yeah. There was plenty of weirdness going on. For one, he barely spoke to me in 18 months, and that’s weird, because I’m fascinating, and I can’t believe that he didn’t want to speak to me. But the chimp was out on the road, and the Pepsi kid was around. It was like a weird circus. You sensed that this guy really had no sense of reality at all. It probably wasn’t even his fault. It’s so sad. He told me that his purpose on the planet was to save the children. From what, I don’t know.”

Father Upset And Frustrated As Jackson Case Continues

February 14, 2004 – ‘Celebrity Justice’ Executive Producer Harvey Levin interviewed the father of Michael Jackson’s accuser and says the boy’s father could play an important role in the case: “The father could play to the credibility of the mother and whether she tried to influence the boy. He could become an important person here soon.” The boy’s father says he is just concerned for his son, who has been fighting cancer, and has been forced to endure a media circus. “The boy has been though so much already in his life. He shouldn’t have to go through this.”

DA May Charge Handlers Over Mom’s ‘Kidnap’

February 12, 2004 – The New York Post reports Santa Barbara County DA Tom Sneddon is considering bringing obstruction and witness-tampering charges against two of Michael’s handlers. Jackson insiders Tyson and Vinnie Amen are alleged to have tried to hold the alleged victim’s mother at Neverland after her son appeared last year with Jacko on a British TV documentary – holding his hand.

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14 thoughts on “Sheryl Crow Comments On Michael Jackson’s Weirdness

  1. vannesa says:

    She sounds like a ungrateful bitch!!!!!
    MAybe he doesn’t need to talk to you

  2. Steph says:

    Now that he’s dead she talks highly of him and share memories of watching movies in his hotel room and sharing rides with him on attraction park.

  3. Sheryl says:

    I agree with you Vanessa. After reading this, I thought the same thing. How could she say this and talk nice about him now? I am ashamed to share the same name as her.
    I’m no young chicken either I’m 56. LOL!

  4. janice says:

    If she said these things, she sounds like an Ungrateful Hypoctitical BITCH!

  5. Annie says:

    I could never understand those who once serround Michael praise him highly before but when the witch hunt starts they became one of the hunters. After Michael passed everybody wants to say something good about him. What is done is undone, whatever they say now will not heal michael’s brokenheart beacause its stopped.

  6. Judy says:

    What I don’t understand is I read another article about her on his tour and she couldn’t talk more highly about him. She even mentioned that they used to get together in her hotel room and watch movies. So WTF is this about?

  7. Deborah says:

    What a gift from the gods that MJJ picked SC to sing on stage with him nightly. It was her job. Yet she talks as if MJJ was her husband who abandoned her on her honeymoon night. She will never get my respect again. Trash…

  8. yosra says:

    Shyrel crow ,,you are such ungrateful arrogant bitch!!!!and now after his death she’s talking about him positively!!like many Fake people out there such as should be ashamed of yourself…
    MJ didn’t wanna talk to you,,may be he realized how fake bitch you are..

  9. jm50 says:

    This is another example of what he had to endure. He gave her her first start in show business and taught her what he knew about touring (her words from the interview she did during the tour). She was in his Dirty Diana video and then in an interview in the 90’s she claimed he didn’t even know her name, which is absurd. Then in a later interview she made fun of him having Bubbles on the tour, etc. So it was ok to make fun of him and then when he died, she suddenly remembers that she spent time alone with him watching movies and riding rides at Disneyland. So, which is it? It just breaks my heart that he was done the way he was by people he tried to help. I don’t think he wanted to socialize with the people on his tours because he felt it wasn’t professional to do so. But I have the video of the Dangerous Tour and he gives everyone recognition at the end by name.

  10. IHateThatFuSherylCrow says:

    FU** YOU

  11. IHateThatFuSherylCrow says:


  12. Mojo says:

    It’s plain to see Sheryl Crow is actually the one with no sense of reality and a prime example of the two faced individuals who would stab their own family in the back for their own personal gain… … it’s true MJ was different to the rest of us… that’s why most of us aspire to have some of the many qualities he had, and not the tainted visions of Sheryl Crow and Co…!

  13. Anon says:

    How ungrateful, irresponsible, non-sensible, and irrelevant of Sheryl…

    With her no singing a**. She acts like her voice is worth the estate of Michael Jackson AND Elvis Presley. From the way she sang during that Bad Tour, I have to say


    Bew, get over yourself. Seriously saying stuff like: “I’m a fascinating person.” Just goes to show you’re not and that you were insecure because he didn’t talk to you. Ever heard of “shy people”? Guess not. Plus Michael was busy, and you should have kept your mouth shut – he was paying you. Thankfully your dumba** complained AFTER the tour. Coward.

    I’m done. I just don’t like the hoe.

  14. KD says:

    Why even bother about what some wannabe like Sheryl Crow thinks about the Master….the King and his royal fans don’t even need to give a damn to what a servant says….

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