Sheryl Crow Says Jacko Tortured Bubbles The Chimp

The Mirror reports has revealed Michael Jackson used to torture his chimp Bubbles. Sheryl said, “He was big enough to be pretty dangerous. ‘Mike used to calm him down by shoving a ballpoint in his chest.” Bubbles hasn’t been seen in public for quite awhile leading many to wonder if the chimp is still alive.

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4 thoughts on “Sheryl Crow Says Jacko Tortured Bubbles The Chimp

  1. daniel says:

    He always love and care for bubbles ,and could never hurt him.

  2. Bubbles' Brother says:

    I must now confess a terrible secret, my brother Bubbles long ago killed Jacko because of that abuse, then I helped him eat all the meat off of Jacko and we switched the bones with the elephant mans, who’s bones we later ground up and smoked to get wicked boners but more of that later. Then I helped shave Bubbles and dress him like Jacko using sunglasses to hide his evil monkey eyes. We would have been rich for the rest of lives if Bubbles hadn’t been so queer for little boys and a raging dope fiend.

  3. yosra says:

    this is so stupid and lies.. MJ Loved and cared about Bubbles and all animals..he would Never hurt them..

  4. Lily says:

    Jennifer (the girl with white hair on MJ’s concerts) said Sheryl was mad at MJ because MJ accidentally called Sheryl “Jennifer” and she was so offended by that and said that MJ was a diva who can’t even remember names.

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