Sheryl Crow Talks About ‘CNN Heroes’, Performs ‘Shine Over Babylon’

‘Showbiz Tonight’ host Brooke Anderson talked to ‘CNN Heroes’ tribute performer about fighting global warming and breast cancer. “I think over the course of the last six to eight months, we’re all being forced to face up to the fact that the science is there,” Crow said of global warming evidence. “There is no more debate and we are looking at even more dire predictions than what was originally predicted by the IPCC. And I think people are starting to feel the necessity when they’re hearing a third of species will be gone in a certain amount of years and are watching the polar caps melt. So it`s – I think, you know six months ago, people would be debating it and also clinging to the hope that this is cyclical. But now, we know, we don’t have time.”

Asked why this show was different and special for her, Crow responded, “I think this is the most amazing idea. Every single day, I go online or I read newspapers and turn on CNN. And it just seems like it is constant inundation of bad news. And this is so great that we are celebrating people who are out there on a day-to-day basis, without the big glory of the awards and all. We’re honoring them here.”

Watch the interview and her performance of ‘Shine Over Babylon’ via below.

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