Sheryl Crow: Tea Party Members Haven’t Educated Themselves

Sheryl Crow

In an interview with Katie Couric for Glamour magazine’s June issue, complains that Americans have become too blasé about politics. In response, Couric suggested the Tea Party as an example of modern day activism. “I appreciate the fact that those people are out there and that they are fired up.”

“My main concern is that it’s really fear-based,” the singer songwriter explained. “What’s coming out of the Tea Party most often, especially if you go onto YouTube, and you see some of the interviews with these people who really don’t even know what the issues are, they’re just swept up in the fear of it and the anger of it. They’re not sure what they’re angry at; they don’t understand what’s happening on Wall Street. They haven’t educated themselves, but they’re just pissed off. And I understand that, I’m pissed off too. But knowledge is power, and anything less than that when it comes to anger can be dangerous.”

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