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Foes of ( the majority of the population of Christina Aguilera’s fan base then – or at least what’s left of it) never cease to predict the downfall of Britney Spears’ career. ‘She’s over’, one cries, ‘her star power is fading’ cries another. Well, let’s just take a little trip to what is known as, REALITY-ville.

Fact. Britney Spears success is growing so rapidly, her latest release ‘Greatest Hits: My Prerogative’ looks set to outsell her last release ‘In The Zone’ world wide.

In the four weeks of release of her Greatest hits album Britney Spears has already notched up massive sales of 4 million copies, from press release in Zomba:

Jive records artist Britney Spears, whose Greatest Hits: My Prerogative collection was released one month ago and has already sold over 4 million copies worldwide, received a Grammy nomination in the Best Dance Recording category for “Toxic.” England’s NME listed the song at #9 in the Best Tracks Of the Year wrap-up in their current year-end issue. “Toxic” was originally released on Britney’s double-platinum 2003 album In the Zone. Another track from that album, “Me Against the Music” (featuring Madonna) was chosen by Billboard as the year’s #1 Dance Single.

Chart Track:
Week 1 (11.17.03) – #4 255k
Week 2 (11.24.03) – #12 101k
Week 3 (12.02.04) – #17 118k
Week 4 (12.09.04) – #30 65k

Total Weeks on the Market – 4
Total Weeks on the Chart – 4
Total Sales in the U.S.A.:474,000
Global sales Estimate: 4 million

In four weeks as well. This album has already sold 1 million copies in Europe:

November 2004 – Platinum Europe Awards

December 8, 2004

December 7, 2004 – Recent releases dominate this month’s list of Platinum Europe Awards. Five of the seven albums achieving sales of million or more across Europe have been released within the last two months.

It’s hard to imagine that Britney Spears’ relatively short career has yielded so many hits. As the driving force behind the return of teen pop in the late ’90s, now almost six years later her Greatest Hits: My Prerogative album has found its way onto the pre-Christmas shelves. Comprising 20 tracks the Greatest Hits includes her massive pop debut Baby One More Time, Oops!… I Did it Again, the Neptunes-produced Slave 4 U and her more recent hit Toxic. Within a month of its release date the album receives its first Platinum Europe Award for achieving sales of one million across Europe.

Pretty outstanding for someone whose career seems to be, as one put it ‘doomed’. So ‘doomed’ is her career that she took home a Billboard award for Best Dance Track for her singles ‘Me Against The Music’. Her career is so ‘lifeless’ that she received a Grammy nomination for her 2004 smash hit single ‘Toxic’ for Best Dance Single. Britney Spears has yet another successful album on her hands, this raises her album sales to 66 million:

Baby One More Time: 24 million
Oops I did It Again: 20 million
Britney: 11 million
In The Zone: 7.3 million
Greatest Hits: My Prerogative: 4 million

66.3 million.

SIXTY SIX! She has only been around for 6 years! Some may point out that there is a decrease in album sales, but notice that:

A) Greatest Hits: My Prerogative has been out for 4 weeks, and it is getting closer to In The Zones sales and she has only released ONE single, there was a rumor that Jive would not release any other singles, but that is just what it is, RUMOURS! If Britney can make an appearance in the Billboards award, then she can make another music video.

B) Even though from her 1st to 4th album there has been sales decrease, she has still managed to maintain good sales (as shown above).

With the success of her current album, her DVD, her new fragrance, the world wide success of her current single and her success at recent award ceremonies such as the European Music Award and the Billboard Awards, critics are beginning to realize that she’s here to stay.

Bt the Billboard Award, all Britney did was to turn up, and ( as many news papers across the entire globe said) she stole the show. She made the front page of news papers in England, she turned heads on the red carpet, she was well received by audiences, even one member of the audience shouting ( According to The Metro) ‘Bring out Britney!’ when Ashlee Simpson arrived on stage.

But things do not seem to be looking to rosy for Christina Aguilera. And critics are noticing this. One writer, Bob Lefsets, when writing an article on the state of the music world today ,looked at singles and album sales around the world and stated that:

Oh sure, if you look at the chart Marshall’s moving a lot of product. Actually, EVERYBODY named above except for Aguilera is doing well

I have been observing Christina Aguilera’s career since the end of the era of her last album ‘Stripped’ and what I have to say is, the ‘Dirrty’ image was a very smart move on the part of her team, but it looks like they have completely ran out of ideas. The back to back failure of every single thing she has done since the end of the Stripped era only proves my point. Nothing she did was even a minor success.

Ask yourselves this. If Britney and Christina dropped of the face of this planet right now who do you think the world would miss more? Easily Britney. She made a long and lasting impact in pop culture and the music world, something Christina is yet to do. She bought back teen pop and has been maintaining a successful career ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Christina has never been successful, just not on Britney’s level. Britney Spears has reached icon status in a short space of time, Christina? Not even close.

For 5 years the media has been asking, who will be the next Madonna? Britney or Christina? Well, Christina is not even half way near Britney’s success, let alone Madonna. So the answer is Britney.

Fact. Britney Spears was, and is still, very significant to pop culture. She is a pop icon. Christina isn’t. Britney’s legacy will live on for years to come, while Christina’s career is already starting to collect dust.

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