Shiloh ‘Operator (A Girl Like Me)’ Video

Shiloh 'Operator (A Girl Like Me)' music video

is out with the music video to her new single ‘Operator (A Girl Like Me)’, off the Canadian pop singer’s upcoming debut album, schedule for a February 2009 release on Universal Records. Watch it below.

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30 thoughts on “Shiloh ‘Operator (A Girl Like Me)’ Video

  1. ouch says:

    ouch hello I’m blonde this movie is so stereotypical and it’s exasperating how everyone says they want to be themselves and different instead of a carbon copy of the next person well sure I look like the tall slim blonde but I like mechanics and hockey so everyone has perks and these sappy punker videos saying I want to be different are so over done! the punk scene is so popular now that by becoming that and throwing it in peoples faces is the same as being the blonde cheerleader or the frizzy haired chess player, your not breaking down the wall you are just adding another level that you can stand on. good job on the video the message appears your different, you actually sing the things everyone is saying, I want to be different by fitting into the different group.

  2. yo says:

    what is her album called???

  3. not impressed says:

    Just because she wears her weight in eye make-up and dyes her hair primary colors doesn’t mean she’s original. Everyone is themselves, regardless of how they look…she’s not special for sending the message of individuality…it’s not a new concept.

  4. Operator says:

    shes not being stereotypical. the song is about what other people wish to see her as. if you listen to the song than you should get that. another thing to watch would be what happens to the other girl(with the cell, coffee ext…) its not to be rude its just karma getting here back for being a little stuck up………My only hope for Shiloh is that she dose not go out like Avril Lavigne (from punk princess, to A. Fitch model)

  5. joe says:

    she is my best friend she rocks.

  6. Rocken Roller says:

    I love the song so lets just leave it at that :)

  7. lessthanthree says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before the pop industry jumped on the emo bandwagon and got some poor emo kid to hock mildly catchy pop tunes. She’s just the new ‘face’ for ‘individuality’, just like Avril was when the pop-punk look was THE BIGGEST THING EVER.

  8. ED says:

    I like it …. she’s cute… is she from Toronto?

  9. Alicia Denney says:

    O.M.G I love this song she is such a good singer and she sings this song with power (she is telling girls to be themselves and that is exactly what she is doing in this video)….. I am differently one of her #1 fans!!!!

  10. Leah says:

    Hi.. awesome song! I was just wondering if anyone knows if the blond girl in the video is Shiloh with different hair and makeup, or is it someone else? another thing is guys, she isn’t like Avril!! Shiloh is punky, where Avril was skater. again, awesome! Shiloh you rock. Peace \\//. (Shiloh sent me that peace thing in a YouTube message, she’s so sweet!!)

  11. Karl says:

    For all those critics who despise this 15 year old girl! I give her a lot of credit as a Canadian entering a contest & winning a record deal. You actually think that she had a say in what she wore, or wrote the words to the song.

    I read the words over & over & this is the most positive song out there right now. It tells young people to be yourself. As for putting people down, I don’t think the video was made for that purpose but like all of us we are all entitled to an opinion. Just to let you know my 6 year old son & 3 year old daughter love this song & the video. They are hearing the words & seeing the video, but bottom line is they haven’t formed any prejudices or attitudes because of the song.

  12. sigh. says:

    wanna be original and unique?
    don’t write a song saying that it’s not okay for other girls to be who they want to be.
    that is the message, right?

    nice eye makeup.

  13. Chii says:

    I have nothing against Shiloh. I love Shiloh. She’s telling people out there to be who you wanna be! Go crazy! Show yourself! Don’t care about what other people say about you! Only accept the positive comments. What you are is meant to shine. Remember that.

  14. cHILL says:

    OMG how can you call her a jacka*** like what is your problem all you guys are so mean, she is just saying just because your not skinny you’re not blond and might have braces and glasses doesn’t mean your a freak she is telling us we are who we are and we are cool the way we are, she is not emo, she dresses like that! If you don’t like her why look a site like this up? huh! Like she is not be a jerk by putting a blond in the picture! I don’t no how you guys can be so mean! Let her be who she is! She is not emo! Or anything so what the heck! Guys! Let her be who she is! She just tells us we are all the same, SHE DOES NOT SAY THAT IT IS NOT OKAY TO BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE TO OTHER GIRLS YOU HEARD HER WRONG I BET SIGH. THAT YOU ARE STUCK UP AND POPULAR! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL and no I am not emo, I do not wear makeup so what? SHILOH TELLS US TO BE ANYTHING WE WANT WE ALL DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE! okay? THANK YOU!

  15. kailey craig says:

    She gives out good advise. The songs amazing because she sings from the heart. Anyways it must be hard to be a singer.

  16. wow. says:

    uh….how long has she been famous?
    I’ve never heard of her.

  17. kailey craig says:

    I don’t under stand why people don’t like her I just mean that she is a great role model. her song tells a lot about her. she is saying that to be how you want to be and that the magazines are messing with reality and also that you don’t have to listen to stuff because it mite not be reel.

  18. PunkChick16 says:

    Okay so the whole punk/pop thing has been done before, big deal its hard to be really original. like think about it, what do you hear on the radio? songs from when are my parents were young. They have just changed the tune a little. overall its a good song, it does show the common stereotypes like punk vs its already been done, obviously lots of people still like to see that so the media puts it out there.

  19. tina says:

    hey I love this song !
    it’s so awesome I just think she’s crazy

  20. baahahah says:

    Shiloh is sh** ok :)
    she talks about fakes, lmfao look at her. she looks dirty, her hair is sh** and she looks like a chipmunks that got ran over thrown in a ditch got pissed on then sh** on, then got kicked in the face by me :)
    she is pathetic and you fake fat emo scene lovers out there, ahahah your all fu**ing lame and stupid “respect her” “omg I love her, she is my best friend” bahaha right right. grow up

  21. Johnny says:

    What great children we have that write such garbage , such as haha. Certainly shows the “age” of the writer. The song is not Shiloh’s , it was written by someone else and she is singing it. I know that’s hard for some to comprehend, but when you sing a song , do you have to “be” the person in it, or believe everything about it? sheesh , get a grip. Can’t you just enjoy the song or say , no , not for me? Its her first single. Its not her decision what sang she releases. Very few artists EVER get to pick their songs for radio ..period!

  22. Kathleen says:

    Personally, I like this song. It not only has a good meaning but a good beat as well. Id much rather listen to songs that have suspense then songs that are like “oh I broke up with my boyfriend lets steal him back” or not to name names but people/bands like Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus. For a 15 yr old she is doing an amazing job. Her looks and her sound are unique which I like. Keep up the awesome job Shiloh!

  23. Stacy says:

    Shiloh will be going on tour soon. She’ll be great. Shiloh writes her own music, which will be on her first album coming out this March. Her whole personality isn’t in the one song “Operator”
    Anyone who bashes a 15 year old isn’t all there in the head. She does Have family and friends who do read this, who are… duh!

  24. onthefence says:

    As my name goes, I’m on the fence. I give her points for her singing voice. I do think the video, and the concept of what its saying IS a little over done. but still, I’m on the fence.

  25. Me says:

    Love everything but the red eyeshadow. She’s awesome!!

  26. Me says:

    Um… Shiloh DID write all her songs. That would be why she’s singing about individuality. Stop being so judgmental and look it up.

  27. Momma D says:


  28. ALEXIS says:


  29. Sarah says:

    Shiloh is just another “original” 15 year old.

    I’ve seen so many pop punk emo scene girls. omg.

    They think they’re original just because they don’t like pink or they’re not blonde… get a life.

    unnaturally colored highlights. black clothes. heavy eye liner.

    that’s not original or unique in any way. I’ve seen it 1000’s of times.

  30. shilohfan says:

    I think she is just trying to be herself and sing what she likes… she doesn’t have a label… all she knows is that she doesn’t want to be superficial and plastic… just a girl you know? It doesn’t matter what she looks like or how she labels herself as… she’s happy and has a beautiful voice! :D

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